Technical Operations Administrator

Job Description:

NewsBreak Media Networks is seeking a Technical Operations Administrator to continue the design, management, maintenance, growth and stability of the network’s information technology architecture. NewsBreak is a digital media and merchandising company that features proprietary software specializing in predictive analytics and the distribution of adaptive video content in the retail industry. This proprietary software technology creates and displays video playlist based off of key consumer buying variables, and then adjusts those playlists based on the impact of product and/or merchandise sales before distributing content to hundreds of video players across the country.

As a Technical Operations Administrator you will work with our proprietary platform as well as numerous off-the-shelf content management and IT systems. Because of our relationships with our customers and third-party vendors, sometimes you’ll be asked to help diagnose issues with complex, interconnected systems. While this does present a challenge, we are seeking a candidate that enjoys problem solving, taking initiative, and using their ability to troubleshoot complex systems and think creatively. NewsBreak strives to be a true partner to our customers by lending our expertise whenever appropriate.

What you’ll do:

  1. Ensure the integrity and security of the NewsBreak network 
  2. Contribute to system architecture and design discussions
  3. Help to maintain network QoS guarantees
  4. Respond directly to customer issues with internally developed- and third-party systems
  1. Analyze existing processes and provide feedback for improvement
  2. Assist with specifying long term infrastructure and system goals
  3. Perform file type, codec, sound, and quality normalization on received media files
  4. Manage enterprise content management systems, including scheduling, troubleshooting, and playback auditing.
  5. Respond to maintenance request from sales management and clients

What you bring to the table:

  1. A background in Information Technology, Computer Science, Management Information Systems, or related field  (2+ years of experience is a plus)
  2. An ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented environment
  3. A creative approach to solving problems
  4. A never-ending desire to evaluate and enhance the status quo
  5. A good attitude consistent with a team-based, and customer-facing role
  6. An ability to provide self-direction and show initiative

If we haven’t scared you away by now, then you just might be a good fit. Please send your resume to

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