Who We Are

Pump Top Television at it's best NewsBreak targets mobile, hard-to-reach consumers who are ready to take action. Our advertisers can reach receptive audiences and influence purchasing decisions. NewsBreak has over 13,000 daily viewers in Knoxville alone and over 400,000 viewers every month. That number is growing rapidly.
In short, we create profitable advertising opportunities for local businesses.

History of NewsBreak

NewsBreak is owned by Innovative Broadcast Partners, LLC, a company based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Managing partners Jim Grant and Dave Southard launched NewsBreak in November 2009 after monitoring the growth of place-based media and digital signage over the past decade.

They studied existing out-of-home marketing venues, made site visits, and did extensive research in order to create a better experience for viewers: outstanding resolution on 21″ LCD screens, programming that does not wash out even in direct sunshine, Sharp stereo audio, and the ability to provide news and advertising that is relevant to different demographics at different convenience stores. The value of NewsBreak is tied directly to our intended audience: people on the go.

We wouldn’t have an audience if we didn’t have high-quality programming. In the Knoxville market, a partnership with WBIR TV has made possible current local news headlines and weather in each of NewsBreak’s five-minute programming loops. For the past 20 years, WBIR TV has enjoyed the distinction of being Knoxville’s number one ranked news station. The WBIR newsroom records two and a half minutes of content specifically for audiences at the gas pump.

These video reports are updated four times every day, and combined with RSS news headlines and a sports crawl, they provide a convenient, out-of-home source for Knoxville news, weather, and sports.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, a reliable infrastructure, and truly valuable content, NewsBreak is ready for rapid expansion.

Employee Bios

The NewsBreak Leadership Team knows the business and has established relationships with C-store operators, advertisers, and national and local media outlets.

They are currently building a profitable business in Knoxville and Nashville, and the business has the infrastructure to expand quickly and to take full advantage of existing growth opportunities. Over 100,000 C-store locations throughout the U.S. pump gas, representing a huge untapped market.

Jim Grant

Jim Grant is Managing Partner at NewsBreak with over 25 years of success as an entrepreneur and “market maker.” The founder of two service and distribution companies in the petroleum marketing niche, Jim has earned respect within the C-store industry. His relationships and reputation have helped get NewsBreak off to an exciting start.

Dave Southard

A Managing Partner at NewsBreak, Dave brings over thirty years of experience as an entrepreneur in the place-based media industry, specializing in sales and distribution and the launch of new technologies. As EVP of Field Sales and Services at Whittle Communications, Dave led the launch of print, video, and digital place-based media throughout thousands of venues.

Bob Bradley

Bob Bradley has spent the last 25 years honing his business development skills and serving as an executive leader in the media, entertainment, and technology industries.

He has held both domestic and international positions with well-known organizations, such as Qualcomm, Scripps Networks Interactive, Disney/ABC Broadcast & Cable Networks Group, Landmark Communications, Discovery Networks, and Group W Satellite Communications.

Brian Nelson

Brian is the General Sales Manager at News Break. With 5 years of marketing and branding experience Brian has focused on hyper-local, digital out of home, and consumer driven marketing and advertising sales. Brian has guided News Break from an unknown quantity to a leading out of home advertising medium.

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