Who We Are

NewsBreak is a programmatic merchandising platform for the convenience store industry that converts fuel-only customers to multi-product purchasers. We target the 65% of a C-store’s customer base that drives up, fuels up, and then drives away without ever entering the store. Our C-store retail partners can now reach receptive audiences and influence purchasing decisions. In short, we create profitable opportunities for convenience store retailers and marketers everywhere.

History of NewsBreak

NewsBreak is owned by NewsBreak Media Networks, Inc., a company based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Jim Grant and Dave Southard, the original managing partners, launched the company in November 2009 after monitoring the growth of place-based media and digital signage over the past decade. By early 2011, NewsBreak had grown to 15 locations throughout east Tennessee.

In November of 2011, the company began expansion plans into Nashville by partnering with Tri Star Energy to introduce the forecourt media platform to three new concept stores called Twice Daily. By the end of 2012, NewsBreak was available in 13 Twice Daily locations throughout middle Tennessee.

In 2013, the new management team of Bob Bradley and Brian Nelson began to re-define the company, and move it from a hardware-centric, media company to a software-centric media and merchandising company. They entered and completed the Nashville-based JumpStart Foundry — an accelerator program for technology start-ups – where they begin to pivot NewsBreak to a retail merchandising company, that could redefine the way that convenience stores interact with their customers. And after closing a Series A Round of capital investment in January of 2014, NewsBreak now distributes over 840 discreet screens of video content via a dynamic, proprietary software system that delivers 5,000,000 impressions monthly across the country.

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