There’s no denying that local advertising dollars continue to migrate from traditional media to digital, online, and out-of-home venues. The U.S. Local Media Annual Forecast study from BIA/Kelsey shows how this shift is trending upward.

The amount that local advertisers spend on advertising is projected to grow from $137 billion in 2010 to $149 billion in 2015. The percentage spent on out-of-home (OOH) media is also expected to increase from 6 to 20%. Even more exciting is the projected growth rate of Digital Out-of-Home media (DOOH)—15%.

Those projections help explain why everyone at NewsBreak is so excited. We’re in a growth industry, we have a market-tested business opportunity, and we’ve already experienced success in the Knoxville market. Our locations include some of the best C-stores in the area.

We are building a profitable, digital out-of-home media business with pump-top television venues. Here’s what makes us special:

• High-impact TV Format
• Quality Editorial Content
• Uncluttered Environments
• Frequency of Viewership
• Targeted, Captive Audiences

Just this past September, we expanded into the Nashville, Tennessee market. We’ve got the product, we’ve got a proven model, and we’ve got the right timing.

All that’s left is the work itself. With over 100,000 C-store locations throughout the U.S. that pump gas, we’re on the brink of major expansion. Perhaps you would like to be a part of that. If you’re an investor and you’re interested in learning more about why the Knoxville market has been so successful and how we plan to repeat that success in a growth industry, then please contact one of our executives:

Robert Bradley

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