To advertise effectively, you must first get people’s attention. We give you a way to tell people who you are and why what you do is important — when they aren’t distracted.

There’s no better time to reach customers than when they are already out running errands or doing business. NewsBreak focuses on “off the couch” consumers who are in a position to make purchasing decisions. We’ve designed our programming loop to feature short form video content that is effective with today’s active consumer.

Our proprietary platform enables us to customize each convenience store location with different programming making it more relevant to viewers. You can pick your neighborhood, schedule it based on time of day, temperature and weather conditions, or target your desired audience and demographic.

Here are some quick facts about NewsBreak:

• 29,000 daily commercial avails.
• 5,000,000 monthly impressions.
• 48,000 monthly impressions at each NewsBreak location.

Those numbers translate into a lot of eyeballs! Check out these statistics from a national Neilson Media Research study on pump-top programming:

• 95% viewed or listened while refueling.
• 85% intend to watch on next visit.
• Brand recall was extremely high, averaging 70%
• Brands advertised showed an average sales lift of 20%, with some brands achieving sales lift of 70% or more.

You need to reach on-the-go consumers, and you need to get a lot of mileage out of each marketing dollar. We have a way for you to accomplish both. Did we mention that pump-top advertising is usually less expensive than traditional media?

Let’s find you some new customers!

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