A Jumpstart toward success: Nashville business accelerator ranks among nation’s best

Jumpstart Foundry Nashville Ledger story

On the path to becoming an esteemed psychology professor, Brian Nelson decided to take a sharp turn to a destination much less glamorous than the halls of academia.

His vision led him to the gas pump.


Not as an attendant, but as the tech entrepreneur behind the consumer-facing retail technology that entices casual gas customers to go inside their local convenience market for the .89 cent coffee or the 2 for 1 hotdog deal.

“The average person takes 5 minutes to fill up, and they have nothing to do in those minutes, so it’s the perfect opportunity to market to them,” says Nelson, who is the co-founder of Newsbreak, an advertising platform that utilizes LCD screens at gas pumps and inside convenience markets.

“We started as a media marketing company installing our products at some convenience stores in Knoxville. We wanted to turn our business into something scalable, something profitable, something huge.”

Nelson and his co-founder, Bob Bradley, saw some success when they started the company in 2012, but both saw the need to apply for the competitive business accelerator program in Nashville, Jumpstart Foundry.

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