DOOH Spending up 15% in 2011

According to the annual Digital Out of Home (DOOH) PQ Media Report, DOOH advertising spend was up 15% globally reaching $6.97 billion and is expected to hit $8.3 billion by the end of 2012. As CEO’s, CFO’s, marketing directors and media buyers work to stretch their advertising dollar in a slow, rebounding economy, it is not surprising that they are branching out to DOOH. In addition, they are having difficulty reaching a increasingly fragmented demographic, and as a result are turning to a point of purchase and path to purchase marketing and promotions solution.

As many are well aware, every inch of retail space in a grocery store or convenient store is sold similarly to lake front property (Well… what lake front property used to sell for anyway). Every vendor vies and jockeys for the best position on the shelf and shelf space is a premium.  So where is the most appealing position on the shelf? It is the one at the end of each aisle (aka end cap) and right in front of the register. This is the “everyone will see me”, “more likely to grab me”, “please remember me” place to be. And when you think about it, this is exactly what News Break pump top television and other DOOH mediums provide. People are already out and involved in the process of spending money. Combine that with engaging content that is relevant to them and you have the perfect path to purchase advertising.

Marketers have gone beyond trying to reach all consumers to trying to reach the right consumer. This harkens back to Mark Twain’s comment: “The difference between the almost right word & the right word is really a large matter–it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.