What the 2012 Upfronts say about the marketing landscape

As the 2012/13 Upfronts come to a close and advertisers lock up close to 9.2 billion in marketing dollars we start to get a sense of the landscape of the primetime line-up for the big four networks. It appears that Sitcoms are making a huge come back across all four networks as CBS, FOX, ABC and NBC jockey for position in the ratings rankings.

An article by Adegoke and Baker in Reuters suggests that the reemergence of the Sitcom is to lure a younger audience. Also mentioned in this article is the fact that the #1 ranked network, CBS, has the oldest audience (average age 55). For us this highlights why there has been viral growth among internet based and Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) networks and marketing mediums like NewsBreak. Americans age 18 – 35 are much more segmented when it comes to both their entertainment and news sources and so companies are forced to be creative about marketing to them. This is one of the driving reasons DOOH is expected to see 20% growth this year!

This is not to suggest that traditional TV advertising is going anywhere. I mean I started this by stating that the expected buying was slated to be 9.2 billion dollars, which is up 3% over last year. Perhaps this money is being spent for that older demographic, and as the Baby Boomers age out televisions media buys will begin to wane.

Pump top tv on TV

I was recently surfing through commercials on-line — Yes, I realize how goofy that may seem, but I am told that acknowledging and embracing your inner crazy is much better than trying to deny it — and I came across an interesting BMW commercial. Today, pump top television is just starting to become a media presence in East Tennessee, and I would argue, even throughout the southeast. However in the commercial, which touted increased fuel economy without compromised performance, the BMW 3 Series zooms by a gas station and you will never guess what is on top of the pump. That’s right, A Television!

Not only does this point to the growth of our industry, but it also is quite the meta-cognitive spin … Too bad BMW didn’t really take advantage of the perfect opportunity to reach their customers by featuring a BMW commercial on the Pump Top Television during the commercial.