As I meet with area business owners and marketing agents we always end up talking about tracking the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. As a business owner do I run the same ad, message and/or loss leader across a number of mediums so that I have brand continuity? Or do I use different offers and devices so that I know what is worth my marketing dollar?

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NewsBreak Knoxville has arrived at 2918 Tazewell Pike

2918 Tazewell PIke








NewsBreak Knoxville has expanded it’s reach and added another 26 thousand viewers to Knoxville’s only out of home news provider. In addition to expanding reach and viewership NewsBreak Knoxville can now provide a a Fountain City advertising solution. With locations at 4800 Broadway and 2918 Tazewell Pike NewsBreak has the two busiest fueling stations on the two major traffic arteries into Fountain City. While advertisers still have the option to market at one location or the other, both locations could provide the perfect solution to a Fountain City directed marketing campaign.