Meet NewsBreak


While filling up their tank, people once had no choice but to twiddle their thumbs and listen to soft rock on the radio. Thanks to the rapid growth of display screens being integrated into gas pumps, people are now keeping up with news, weather and sports, while learning about discounted offers, or new products that they can find inside the store.

NewsBreak is a fully integrated merchandising platform for the convenience store industry that converts fuel-only customers to multi-product purchasers. Our proprietary software automatically schedules playlists based on key consumer buying variables like time of day, weather conditions, temperature, and household income. Then distributes the playlist to display screens in the forecourt, inside the store and to mobile devices. But that’s not all. Our software will then analyze your sales data to determine whether of not the playlist is being effective, and adjust accordingly. We call it SHEP.

Where exactly are we? Check out our map.

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